A Comprehensive Guide to Accessible User Research: Part 2 – Recruitment and Preparation

🔗️ @BrianGrellmann’s second blog post of a series about taking an inclusive approach to accessibility in design research. https://dscout.com/people-nerds/accessible-user-research-2

My notes

Things to consider:

  • Recruitment
  • Recruit a mix of disabilities and assistive technology
  • There will be overlap (Intersectionality) - focus on access needs and technology used
  • Stimulus
  • Ensure the fidelity and execution of the testing stimulus is accessible to those who are testing it (functional HTML = assistive technologies)

Recruitment examples:

  • Generative / Discovery research - broad approach for variety of disabilities, assistive technologies, behaviours.
  • Iterative design - focus on matching participants and prototypes, broader inclusion of access needs across studies.
  • Evaluative research - more specific to cover a a variety of disabilities and assistive technologies.

Accessibility all the way:

  • Telepresence software, consent forms, surveys, PDFs should all be accessible.
  • Lab / testing location and furniture accessibility.
  • Be prepared and allow for more time to make any alterations of specific requests.