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  • Benjamin Parry – More about me.
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  • Tagging – A taxonomy to help you find content you might be interested in.
  • Collecting – The feed of things I collet that interest me, a mix of my own content and other people’s.
    • Links – Links or bookmarks that I find interesting.
    • Thoughts – Thoughts or observations that end up shared on social media platforms.
    • Ideas – Ideas for things to me be made.
    • Replies – Replies to content on other people’s websites… yep websites can do that!
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  • Rejecting – Things I disapprove of.
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  • Focused – Positive distraction websites to visit.
  • Mirroring – A mirror of web important content to me and others. (yet to be implemented)
  • Offline – A list of pages stored locally when you are offline. (may be broken… 😬)

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