Movement and flow


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My last minute submission for Mayโ€™s #IndieWeb carnival hosted by on the theme of creative environments.

If I sit for too long I get restless. My muscles start to stiffen and ideas stagnate. Time to get up and move.

This is as true for work as it is for social encounters. The thought of sitting in a pub for hours on end makes my skin crawl, literally. Sharing that time while doing something active is a completely different story. A completely different me.

Movement is a catalyst for processing the thoughts that occupy my head, whether they be positive, negative or neutral. Problems are solved, worries are calmed, ideas blossom.

I used to start and end my working day with a cycle ride over the South Downs National Park. Almost sixty minutes either way of luscious green to turn over my thoughts. I would arrive at work inspired, energised and clear of mind. I would return home at peace with the dayโ€™s work. Even if my day was hard and stressful, the movement would scatter those thoughts and feelings across the rolling hills.

I donโ€™t ride anywhere near as much as I used to. Itโ€™s something I want to do more of. I miss that feeling of loosing myself in nature. I find it restorative and grounding. The biggest worry at the time seems infinitesimally small when viewed from the perspective of a breathtaking vista.

After an injury last year, I started swimming. Since then Iโ€™ve become very fond of it as a form of exercise but also as a place for thought.

Unlike cycling, swimming provides an entirely immersive environment for thinking. One of complete physical preoccupation allowing the mind to wonder and remain wondering. Swimming creates the conditions for flow. This is my new creative environment.

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