Weeknotes 2024 W01


Sticking to new habits.

Week one

I still have the Japanese NHK app on my phone which I occasionally use for watching and reading content and catching up on sumo highlights. This week it’s been buzzing non-stop with earthquake warnings and some dire news of the people affected by the natural and man-made disasters. A thoroughly distressing start for the nation. Information if you wanted to help.

I’ve been busy tinkering away at my Eleventy website rebuild. I’m so utterly close to a soft launch but self-inflicted scope creep keeps pushing the clock back. I’m struggling a bit with permalink: false which is the last piece of the puzzle. I’m hoping to get that fixed today and launch so I can start the next week fixing all the bugs that I didn’t catch.

Almost everyone was at the Clearleft for our annual partner day. It was so interesting being a workshop attendee rather than leading it. Lots of lightbulb moments and ideas for what comes next.

I’ve managed to maintained a 100% journaling streak this week. I’ve got a check in and out workflow in Obsidian which records a few data points; physical and mental health numerical and emoji value, more emojis for emotions and an open text field for thoughts at the stat and end of the day. It’s really interesting comparing the two and seeing what affects my mood. Another habit checkbox is to prompt me to record 1 second of video everyday. I tried the project a couple of years ago but the streak was broken and was eventually dropped. So far so good this year.

Reading list

I signed up to an extended trial of Readwise just before the festive holidays. I was looking for a solution to creating endless bookmarks in Obsidian and never doing anything with them. I’m really enjoying the separate Reader experience.

More importantly it’s helped me consume more information and make use of spare time between meetings, on the bus or enjoying a lazy weekend morning with a coffee. My next step is syncing it to Obsidian vault to export the notes I’m making. Here’s some of the content I’ve consumed this week.

Away from the screen

  • I bought a tiny conifer tree for £3 which I’ll try to bonsai later this year.
  • I cooked my very first ramen which turned out pretty good.
  • I stared reading Ryūnosuke Akutagawa’s In a Grove, the short story that Akira Kurosawa’s film Rashōmon was based on.

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