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🤔️ A long overdue, refreshing Homebrew to counter the current scorching heat

It’s hot, really hot. To beat the sweaty squeeze on the bus I decided to hang out with the Homebrew crew for a long overdue tinker with my site.

After a good 20 minutes nerding out with Jeremy over the recent Apollo 11 delights on offer, I turned my focus to my neglected website.

A few months ago I played around with making my site a PWA, adding tags to my posts and generally switching up the site source code, trying not to break any URLs. I decided a quick win would be to double check I hadn’t also broken any Indieweb goodness I had previously brewed in.

Turns out I had. So I spent the ~60 mins rebuilding some of what I’d broken or removed.

Coding brew: Northern Monk, Striding Edge, Light IPA (2.8%) 👍️