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  1. Sideways podcast discovery

    After a bit of a hiatus I’ve got back into listening to podcasts. I’m using an old iPhone 4s as a dedicated device for audio brain food which offers me zero notification distraction. I’m also using @adactio’s which allows me to subscribe to my chosen feed of podcasts via RSS. What I like most about Huffduffer is that I discover content from other users where I wouldn’t necessarily be looking. It’s a constant delight!

  2. A wild walk with Charlie

    I had a wonderful morning hike around with Charlie Peverett appreciating the flora and fauna of Lewes. We chatted about the upcoming Content Rising conference, some of the sustainability and regenerative projects he and Tasmin have been doing at Wilsome. It’s lovely to reconnect with people making some positive change in the world. Inspired!

  3. May origami fold

    I spent this afternoon with some lovely people folding origami and chatting. This month’s fold was a modular design called a cyclone. We also made a spinner while waiting for our teriyaki chicken lunch to arrive.

  4. Recycling day reminder

    Happy Friday folks! Don’t forget it’s recycling day today! Here’s a fun and friendly reminder of what can and can’t go into the recycle bin ♻️

  5. AAA – An accessibly audit

    I was supposed to take the day off today. Instead I put my #GADD money where my mouth is and spent a couple of hours running an initial accessibility audit on my website using the Sa11y bookmarklet #accessibility #a11y