Trying to be helpful

✏️ Trying to helpful by passing on the help and advice gifted to me.

I returned to the Clearleft office this week after 2 weeks annual leave. My first face-to-face interaction, albeit through a screen, was with Jeremy for our fortnightly peer-to-peer 1:1. I love chatting with Jeremy, he’s a thoroughly good egg.

In this week’s brief chat he mentioned that he was meeting up with a recent UX and UI design graduate from Ukraine who had recently moved to Lewes. He recommended that they attend the UXup Christmas social as a way to get to know some local designers and get some advice with next steps career advice. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend myself but I wanted to welcome them to the design community and the city of Lewes.

It turns out Anaida is really talented. She gave me a brief overview some of the work from her diploma and more recent client projects. It’s clear she has an eye for design, typography and attention to detail.

On our way out Anaida mentioned that everyone she has spoken to has been welcoming and helpful. This gives me hope, something that appears to be in short supply these days.