Weeknotes 2022 #50 #51

✏️ Weeknotes #50 #51 – Wrapping up

Here’s a few of my highlights from the last 2 weeks of doing not much at all.

Week 50

We were gifted a Snow Day on Monday 12th Dec. My son was lucky enough to have his school close for the day. A few of his friends and parents went for a ‘quick’ lunchtime walk in the snow… 3 hours later.

Since the snow hadn’t thawed I took a similar ‘quick’ off-road bike ride which ended up taking in 55 km of the beautiful South Downs Way. There places with up to almost 2 inches of unspoiled powder. It was by far the most enjoyable ride I have had in ages.

A mountain bike in the foreground, the snow-covered South Downs Park in the background with the sun breaking through the fuzzy cloudy sky.
The rugged and bomb-proof Stooge, my God I love this bike!

Thursday was Clearleft’s Christmas party. Michelle and her helper elves had been busy planning a wonderful evening of festivities. We were sad to miss Carly and Jeremy, especially as we graced by an early visit from Santa and his main elf. Cocktails were flowing, Maltesers were rolling, magnets were attracting and repelling. It was a fantastic evening spent with some wonderful people.

Three men looking increadibly serious, one in the foreground holding a tape measure like his life depended on it.
Rich going for the record of a game that Andy made up and Luke spectating.

Week 51

This Christmas week has been spent doing not much at all. I’ve been enjoying the continued internal dismantling of Twitter and appreciating the positive impact it will have on the future of the web. I was very excited to read about Paul Robert Lloyd’s IndieKit and finally found some time to port my website from Jekyll to Eleventy using Andy Bell’s Learn Eleventy From Scratch. Wrapping up the festive week I was on duty making our traditional Christmas eve sushi feast, yummy!

A wooden table covered in plates of homemade sushi and sashimi, with Japanese beer and sake.
Christmas eve sushi is our new family tradition. Not at all limited to the festive period.

Merry Christmas folks!