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28 Days Later

Ooof! A 4-week weeknotes wrap-up eh? Hmm… here’s what bubbles up over the past 28 days.

One of the biggest highlights was attending the opening day of UX London on the theme of research. I thought the content and speakers was excellent this year and Ben Sauer’s energetic storytelling workshop was the cherry on the cake. There’s so much more to say that I think I need to wrap up my thoughts in a blog post.

My only disappointment of the UX London line-up was John Willshire was scheduled to speak on the second day. I’ve been following the Steps Collective he’s been involved in and was very curious about his follow up talk from dConstruct 2015 Metadesign For Murph. I managed to grab him during lunch and have a chat. He convinced me to come along to the next event at the Knepp Estate the following Friday. I did and so glad I did.

I did my very first piece of freelance work, albeit very small, for a local friend. There’s a few other irons in the fire which I’ll hopefully be able to talk about soon.

My son has taken an interest in Minecraft again, much to my approval. I saw it as a good opportunity to dig out the modded potion lamp I stated a few years ago. After some tinkering and soldering I got a working version setup in his room. I have a blog post in the works to write up my process. The project is a bit of a Trojan Horse to get him curious about programming.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen following some favourite and new recipes; vegan kimchi, cooked pork for ramen (chashu), Tan Tan Ramen (Tantanmen).

After nursing a cold and terrible hay fever symptoms for the past 4 weeks I finally went for a swim and booked into the sauna at Pells Pool. I was really impressed with the little wooden mobile hut build. I’m looking forward to going again soon.

Some other noteworthy things.

  • I missed June’s Indie Web Circus post but still intend to publish what I was working on, eventually.
  • I’ve missed the last few weeks of Homebrew Website Club due to some family commitments. As a result my website has been neglected – case in point: a 4-week weeknotes – I’ll hopefully rejoin this week.
  • I’ve been considering moving my weeknotes into it’s own category. I’m not sure how much my weeknotes content is useful for other people and how relevant they are compared to other content.
  • Related to this, I’ve been thinking about adding a garden notes section to my weeknotes. A lot of the regenerative conversations were about about starting in your garden. I think this help to reflect and sharpen what I notice about the nature on my doorstep.

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