Indie Web Camp 2015


My first taste of the highly enjoyable Indie Web Camp.

Pre-event Confession

Rewind to September 2014 โ€ฆ Indie Web Camp was scheduled on the weekend after dConstruct and although I was volunteering for the conference and found myself incredibly inspired by the talks and general vibe of the conference, for some strange reason I felt a little intimidated by the talented attendees and thoughts of self-doubt and inadequacy started to creep in and I gave up the opportunity to attend worried that Iโ€™d have nothing to contribute.

Fast forward to 2015 โ€ฆ I couldn't have been more wrong. Indie Web Camp was one of the most interesting and friendly events to date.

Day One: Demo and Discussion

From the moment of walking through the doors, there was a real buzz about the place with people introducing themselves and getting to know one another. There were the usual Brighton folk I recognized but a good proportion of the fresh faces had traveled from far afield to make it down.

Our attention was drawn and we were ushered into the main room for a rough debrief of the weekendโ€™s plan and then moving onto demos of our websites and projects in their current states.

There were some very interesting projects but a couple really interested me; Glenn Jonesโ€™ offline check-in site, Tom Morrisโ€™ SMS to website entry. I showed this site and my Offline/Offroad mtb blog.