Taking time to form a writing habit


I’m taking time out to write in hopes of forming a healthier habit

Coming off a rather intensive 2 weeks building a responsive HTML prototype, I’m taking some time to write up the notes from the last 6 weeks here are Clearleft.

There’s a culture of writing here at Clearleft HQ. I’m sat next to Jeremy who creates written content of gargantuan proportions and is one of the self-appointed content buddies. Kate who’s about to have her book published. Ben S and Ben W{:target="_blank"} who are both on a writing mission. In-house content strategist Ellen. Not to mention those who contribute to the Clearleft blog post or their own blogs.

When I started the 3 months here at Clearleft I had grand plans to follow in the footsteps of John Ellison’s 90 Days{:target="_blank"} but it’s been a tough act to follow up until now.

What has helped is Ellen’s Content Deli – a space reserved for 1 hour for those who want a quiet and distraction-free environment to write – and Ben’s first Slapdashery post{:target="_blank"} sharing techniques for frequent writing.

With a few posts already published this week and working in a culture that actively encourages writing, I can see this becoming a habit.

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