Weeknotes 2022 #19

✏️ Weeknotes #19 – Time slip

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Ferris Bueller was right. The last fourteen weeks have slipped by so quickly that I’ve let a lot of the new positive habits of 2022 take a backfoot.

Take this week for example. I’ve been unwell with vicious flu which quickly turned into sinusitis. If you’ve never fallen victim to the latter, count yourself lucky. I recently described it as “constipation of the face”. A lot of this week has been spent waking up at midnight feeling like someone is stood on one side of my face. The lack of sleep and pain has meant week 19 has been a complete write off.

While I’ve spent most of my time resting and feeling sorry for myself, I did manage to find a few things to cheer me up.

My son and I have been avidly watching The Grand Sumo Tournament daily round ups on the NHK app. As we’re both new to the sport we’ve finding answers to our questions in the sumopedia. We’re on Team Wakatakakage, pronounced “wah-ka-ta-ka-kah-geh”.

One Second Everyday is an app that documents your life though daily 1 second video clip stitched together over time. I was introduced to the app a couple of years ago through Andy Parker. I downloaded it but unfortunately around the third month it struggled to finish rendering a video and I eventually abandoned the challenge and app. Inspired once again, I was certain that someone would have open-sourced an alternative. Lo and behold Austin Keener has created a compiler and open-sourced it on Github. What’s more the script runs off a computer using a simple folder structure and naming convention so it shouldn’t fall victim to some of the unpredictability of the phone app.

I started listening to Bob Moesta and Greg Engle’s podcast The Circuit Breaker. I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy listening to Bob talk about research, product, innovation and JTBD. The podcast is worth your time. Sidenote: Why is it almost impossible to find a .mp3 file for podcast episodes these days?

Feeling miraculously better on Sunday I made the best banana bread.

I’m hoping next week will be more positive. Hakki-Yoi