Offline Homebrewing

🤔️ Going Offline - Adventures online/offline at the rebooted Homebrew Website Club @clearleft

Last month Jeremy demo’d his Going Offline Event Apart talk during a working lunch.

It was a practical tour of enhancing your site to a progressive web app. I was inspired.

Some of my feedback was “I feel like I can leave this room and do that!”. So instead of paying lip service, I decided to follow through.

I followed Jeremy’s post on adding a service workers to a website site. I added his minimal-serviceworker.js script and hey presto… it worked!

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m sitting at Clearleft HQ at the weekly Brighton Homebrew Website Club adding an offline web page.

Thanks to Jeremy for helping my with the code, and to everyone for the great company.

Here’s to the next one! 🍻️