I use this website to collect, and eventually syndicate, my thoughts and interesting links.

  1. Lists, scribbles and doodles.

    I’ve not carried a notebook on me for years. I blame Covid-19 and the promise of digital knowledge management tools. Anyway, I recently broke the seal on my cache of notebooks and took a few on my trip to Japan. I now don’t go anywhere without one and a 0.5 Pilot Drawing Pen. I love the experimental approach to notebook design by the folks at

  2. Introducing Eleventy to an eleven-year-old

    Spent a couple of hours blowing the mind of an eleven-year-old with Eleventy layout and partial includes. Lots of ear-to-ear grins and excited squeaks. Kudos to for making his Eleventy From Scratch resource available for free. Granted it’s a few years old but has explained the few concepts I need really well. Looking forward to porting my own site to Eleventy over the Christmas break.

  3. Goodbye engagement vanity metrics

    One thing I’m really enjoying about the Mastodon reading experience is the concealment of a post’s engagement vanity metrics. With the number of Boosts, Favourites, Bookmarks and to some degree replies all hidden at the feed level, I find I focus more on the content.

  4. Teaching how to fish

    I spent some of yesterday afternoon teaching my son some very basic principles of HTML and CSS. The delight on his face when he figured out where he was going wrong and fixed a few bugs by himself.