Weeknotes 2024 W04


Selling eggs and chickens from a cart-drawn horse.

Sometimes there’s so much to talk about that you end up with nothing to say. Week 4 has been one of those weeks. Here’s a haiku from deep within my subconscious, heck knows what it means.

Driving while texting
Juggling hot potatoes
Disbelief and doubt

Time spent away from one screen was switched to another for a bit of salvation. Here’s a few things that have brought me joy.

Here’s a few things that have brought me joy.

  • Watching the Grand Sumo finals live on Saturday and Sunday morning via an illegal YouTube livestream. I’ll recompense for my crime when I return to the land of the rising sun, paying a premium for a front row seat, exiting through the gift shop with a complete collection of Ura fan merchandise. #TeamUra
  • Making a home on my website for what I’m watching, reading and listening to.
  • Reading Kaiju No.8 (manga) at all sorts of weird and wonderful times of the day. Seeing as if my sleep patterns are completely borked at the moment I’ve retreated into the world of Japanese monsters.

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