Setting up a Raspberry Pi as a bridged wireless access point

🔗️ @Raspberry_Pi’s straightforward guide for getting wifi into those hard to reach places using a Pi as an access point.

My notes

Since the lockdown I’ve had to be inventive in my home working setup to overcome wifi dead zones.

Our garden office is one such place. Although we’ve got an ethernet cable installed I sometimes forget to manually switch off wifi and it’s generally a faff. I’ve also got one of those new MacBooks with just USB-C ports so plugging is going to be yet another adapter. We’re also just out of reach of the home wifi meaning our mobiles fall back onto mobile data, racking up pretty big data bills.

Since I had Raspberry Pi 3b+ awaiting it’s next duty and a bit of spare time over the festive break, I followed this excellent tutorial to setup setup an access point. It worked a treat!