A Comprehensive Guide to Accessible User Research: Part 1 – Project Planning

🔗️ @BrianGrellmann’s first blog post of a series about taking an inclusive approach to accessibility in design research. https://dscout.com/people-nerds/accessible-user-research-1

My notes

Things to consider:

  • Goals
    • Continuous research with fewer participants or dedicated research with more participants (former is better)
  • Fatigue
    • Longer sessions ~90mins
    • Review the session design to avoid fatigue
  • Budget
    • Potentially a harder recruit, allow for more recruitment time and incentive cost
  • Location
    • Some labs may have specific accessibility software but need to be accessible
    • Paricipant’s home/workplace offer more contextual insight to other access needs
    • Location of test incurs more travel cost
    • Remote tests must use accessible software and ability to capture audio (screenreader)